I ACT: How to Calculate and Reduce My Ecological Footprint

Given the ecological emergency, it is essential to accurately measure our individual impact in order to identify concrete ways to reduce it. Numerous online tools now allow us to easily calculate our personal carbon footprint. Some even go further by offering carbon offset solutions through rigorously selected social and environmental projects.

Thanks to the platforms presented in this article, evaluate your contribution to climate change in just a few minutes. You will be able to:

  • Become aware of the effect of your lifestyle habits
  • Compare your footprint to the national/global average
  • Identify your largest emission sources (housing, transportation, food, etc.)
  • Set your own reduction targets
  • Offset your residual emissions if you wish.

WWF Switzerland Ecological Footprint Calculator

The WWF Switzerland, ecological footprint calculator, remains an accessible reference for the general public to quickly assess their environmental impact. In just 5 minutes, answer 15 questions about your consumption habits in areas like food, housing and transportation.

The WWF ecological footprint calculator will indicate your footprint in global hectares as well as a comparison to the average sustainable footprint for the planet. It is an excellent starting point before using more advanced tools.Test the WWF ecological footprint calculator

Global Footprint Network

The Global Footprint Network provides benchmark data and methodologies for thousands of organizations worldwide. Their online ecological footprint calculator demonstrates a high degree of accuracy and customization in its assessment.

In about ten minutes, answer some thirty detailed questions about your lifestyles. The calculator will generate comprehensive results with your footprint across several categories: food, housing, goods, services, and transportation. It will also indicate how many Earths would be needed if everyone lived like you.

It is certainly the most comprehensive publicly available ecological footprint test for the general public. Try it now:

Global Footprint Network ecological footprint test

Carbone Boréal

Carbone Boréal is an ambitious carbon offsetting and research program based in Quebec. Initiated by the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, it allows organizations and individuals to finance tree plantations to sequester their polluting emissions.

More than 1.8 million trees have already been planted via Carbone Boréal in the Quebec boreal forest, offsetting 155,000 tonnes of CO2. The program certifies each plantation according to recognized standards to ensure real and measurable emission reductions.

It is an effective way to calculate and offset your personal or organizational carbon footprint. Carbone Boréal calculates the number of trees needed based on the donation amount. A forward-thinking plantation that will also advance research on carbon sequestration.

Carbone Boréal calculator

Arbre Évolution

Arbre Évolution is a cooperative dedicated to planting trees and raising environmental awareness. Their Social Reforestation ProgramTM is worthwhile. Through this program, they organize community reforestation activities across Quebec to offset the GHG emissions of companies and individuals.

The participatory approach ensures a strong positive impact of each planted tree, notably by educating younger generations. The projects generated by this carbon footprint calculator improve local living environments while absorbing atmospheric CO2.

Arbre Évolution also offers GHG management and eco-education consulting services. Their projects are certified by independent bodies according to strict standards. A carbon calculator for global climate action with concrete local impacts!

Arbre Évolution calculator


Planétaire.org specializes in the rigorous selection of certified carbon offset projects worldwide. Their web platform allows you to easily calculate your GHG emissions across different areas: transportation, food, and housing.

You can then purchase carbon credits corresponding to your emissions in order to neutralize them. These purchased credits are invested in high social and environmental impact projects verified by independent bodies.

From energy efficiency in Brazil to agroecology in India to forest conservation in Zimbabwe, Planétaire offers a wide range of projects for responsible carbon offsetting. Their online calculator provides an entry point to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Planétaire calculator

Adopt the Right Daily Reflexes

Beyond measurement and offsetting tools, simple daily actions can significantly reduce your environmental impact. Here are some within everyone’s reach:

  • Opt for a more plant-based and local diet.
  • Favour public transit and biking.
  • Reduce waste and food waste.
  • Limit disposable and over-packaged products.
  • Optimize your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Consume in a more responsible and local manner.
  • Invest in an ethical and sustainable way.

These small habits, added together, will make a real difference. And you can always use the ecological footprint calculators presented in this article from time to time to track the evolution of your impact.

Acting Together for a Sustainable Future

Through individual and collective actions, we all have the power to build a future that is more respectful of life and future generations. While the climate and ecological challenge may seem insurmountable, it remains imperative to take up.