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Montréal, March 11, 2019 – Over 350 scientists have expressed strong support for students who will be demonstrating for action on climate change on March 15. This is a gesture unprecedented in North America, given the reserve by which many scientists feel bound regarding such protests.

In a letter published today, on the initiative of Laure Waridel and Dominic Champagne of Le Pacte pour la Transition, professors and researchers assert that it is their responsibility to support young people who condemn the lack of political and economic leadership shown by our governments.

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QUÉBEC CITY, February 6, 2019 - In an unprecedented move, the opposition parties today rallied around ​​rapidly adopting a bill aimed at respecting Quebec’s climate commitments. Mr. Legault’s government must now act accordingly and rapidly on this issue, which is widely supported by both the public and opposition politicians, says the Pact for Transition team.


“The signers of the Pact are to be congratulated, the communal pressure they are exerting is working: the three opposition parties now support the idea of ​​a bill requiring the government to meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is not a victory, since Premier François Legault refuses at this point to commit to it. However, we’ve won a first round, and this confirms that we need to take the pressure up a notch,” said Dominic Champagne, initiator of the Pact, at a press conference held at the National Assembly.

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Montréal, December 18 – Today, the Pact for Transition is giving Premier François Legault a Christmas present: an act to ensure compliance with Quebec’s climate commitments.

By signing The Pact, over 250,000 Quebecers asked the government to “adopt laws and actions compliant with our climate commitments.” The Pact’s first political demand was to “ensure that all government decisions are examined for their impact on climate.”

Mr. Mario Denis, a retired jurist who has drafted provincial laws and regulations on the environment, and Me Michel Bélanger, an environmental lawyer, have presented The Pact team with a draft of the Act to ensure compliance with Quebec’s climate commitments. Revised by experienced jurists (notably professors of law Sébastien Jodoin of McGill University, Paule Halley of Université Laval, and Jean Leclair and Hugo Tremblay of Université de Montréal), the bill has also been endorsed by the scientists associated with The Pact.

To ensure compliance with greenhouse gas reduction targets, over 20 jurisdictions have already adopted similar laws, including British Columbia (2007), the United Kingdom (2008), Scotland (2009), Denmark (2014), Catalonia (2017), Norway (2017) and Sweden (2018).

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Montreal, November 7th, 2018 - More than 500 artists, scientists and leaders from various sectors are calling on all Quebecers to sign the Pact for the Transition to “turn words into action”.

Following scientists’ cries of alarm on global warming and the UN Secretary-General’s appeal to civil society stressing that there are “two years to act”, these signatories are answering the call and invite the public to do the same.

"We are demonstrating our determination to take the necessary action to protect the world we live in and to move towards a low-carbon future. The Quebec of tomorrow is going through an ecological transition of our economy, in particular through an energy transition. With the physical and human resources at its disposal, with its innate sense of cooperation and innovation, Quebec can and must become a leader and inspiration for the world." - Dominic Champagne.

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